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  1. Liar Accapella Full ( real not filtered)

    It is pretty cool, I love the live effect, but not for having my headphones on and just hearing, just sounds like a little to much, to watch though... I have to admit though I wish she would perform liar live, it would be amazing! But thank you so much for sharing with me! It's awesome!
  2. Liar Accapella Full ( real not filtered)

    Speaking of lair, does anyone have that fan "live"/main vocals version that was released a while back with the (you ain't fooling annyyoooonnneeee!) Adlibs? I downloaded one version but the volume is just so low.
  3. Britney As A Brunette - An Appreciation Thread

    I love her with dark hair, she looks so young and beautiful with dark colors, everyone does. But she's already SRT a permanent mark with blonde hair. And her team is afraid that if she goes any other color anything having to do with sales will drop.
  4. Revisiting the 2016 VMAs performance

    I love the performance to, she seemed to be really enjoying herself, she wasn't "DANCING" how you say cause she barely did any choreo, just mostly vouge moves, really simple and sexy, she wasn't stiff and it looked so good. It's actually one of my favorite live performance's, I love it! (But have you ever noticed that she seems to work herself harder when she performs somewhere live like that, like at POM her performance is really lacking etc. But when she was at the VMAS/BBA she look's hot her dance's/vouge's and everything look on point!) But back to It, it also makes me mad to that they gave her a microphone to make it seem live and she didn't even know the words to the song. (but then again she dont even know the words to her own songs, so how can you blame her? Still the queen!) but everything else was flawless! I'm still upset they didn't release an official "Make Me, Me, Myself, and I" remix like they said they were going to.
  5. Woo Hoo May 1st B-Days

    Wow! Thanks!?
  6. Planet Hollywood is a liar (POM DVD related)

    Even if a dvd/bulray came out i honestly wouldn't be excited. Most likely they would mute any "live" (pre recorded) vocals and replace all sound with the cd, and then just shoot a bunch of bad angles and far away shots of when she actually tries to dance. And I mean what parts of the show from what dates would they release? I would be happy just to see a good recording of work bitch live where she does the full choreo.
  7. I feel it was a great performance, would habe been netter if it was Britney's way I suppose. I just see it as, it wasn't supppsed to be like hardcore dancing and breakdowns, but more so just really sexy and provocative. There are so many rumors out there about that night, I had read once that she wanted black hair (as a similar follow up to the video) for the performance but someone in charge said no, and made her go blonde cause it was her comeback and they felt she was more "favored" as a blonde and she ended up throwing a fit and they couldn't style her hair. I would have loved to have seen her perfomer wirh black hair. She looked amazing with the ponytail to though. Also read she was supposed to wear a corset along with what she had on, but it didn't feel sexy enough for her and she choose to go without it. Her body was absolutely amazing then. I loved it.
  8. Slumber Party (Nick* Remixes)

    Mega download links?
  9. wondering what was wrong w the mmo vid, because

    Thanks, will take a look!
  10. wondering what was wrong w the mmo vid, because

    So I don't know if anyone noticed or if it's been said but did anyone hear the different vocals in the video from the song on itunes?
  11. Now I'm 90% sure that the MV will feature some good dancing

    And it gets worser every performance.
  12. Now I'm 90% sure that the MV will feature some good dancing

    Maybe they will do some decent dancing, but we all know Tinashe is gonna wipe the floor with Britney if they try hardcore choreo, and when they perform live? Britney is gonna look like a fool, Tinashe sings live AND dances really well....
  13. your least favorite costumes from POm

    All of them
  14. i fixed another messy song for the second time

    I know I just head the differences in tour verson and the other But this is great I love the way it sounds, it replaced the original on my BJ playlist, I love it!
  15. i fixed another messy song for the second time

    Is this the first time you've made or posted this? I have this in my phone made from someone else when like Britney jean and artpop came out! I got it from a YouTube channel and asked for a download Are you the original maker?