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  1. Which date of any britney's tour shows was the biggest?
  2. Official flop questions thread

    The radar horse is just a meme going around in the britney world, they treat it so godly because of how it appeared alot in the video, so we just thought it was funny, it's just like "This jeans are really cool because they're faded" There was a rumor that the horse died but it is not true. The famos surprise didn't happen apparently so we don't know.
  3. Flopley Circus.

    Wel.. yeah
  4. Flopley Circus.

    2 years but justin looked like 11 when they first dated
  5. Flopley Circus.

    That still makes her not a pedophile the guy is, tho
  6. Flopley Circus.

    Miley's not a pedophile!
  7. Flopley Circus.

    How can she be pressed when Bangerz outsold every selena album? easily, shall i add
  8. Do you dance to britney in the shower?

    I don't dance to anything in the shower
  9. Has anybody else noticed....

    You guys should get over it
  10. Why do ya'll hate Body Slay?

    I don't know, when you listen to the chorus building up to this amazing beat, you predict a killer verse but it was silly in my opinion.. The lyrics of the song are bad too, she should be saying "I wanna dance till my body aches" but whatever lol :lolomg:
  11. Why do ya'll hate Body Slay?

    The verses are so weak, it is obviously rushed.
  12. Cuteney Gifs

    this one is so cute
  13. Going to Hell Jail.

    good luck
  14. FF vs Circus vs BJ

    Femme Fatale, obviously.