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  1. Happy Birthday OhMyGodney!

  2. Grease: Live!

    You met her? how is she? i heard she is really nice and sweet
  3. So Miley Whoreus Is Dating Her Ex Liam Hemswhatever Again

    after all i heard/read about them i'm not surprised tbh
  4. Selena Gomez Performs On Snl

    I actually liked her HTM performance
  5. Mermaidney (Photomanip)

    it look amazing
  6. Before and after listening to Blackout.

    I turned into a slut with "In The Zone"
  7. I want to share my school work

    The foxy one is so pretty!!
  8. Was Britney overworked in her prime?

    Wasnt the 6 months break because she broke up with justin?
  9. Was Britney overworked in her prime?

    Yes, she said after ITZ she was like done, she wanted for "everything to stop", there are some performances of ITZ era where you can see she is feed up with everything.
  10. Britney Spears Live Vocals Femme Fatale!

    I saw her in Chile (FFT has been the only time she's been here) and she sang a few songs live, HIAM,UnD,DLMBTLTK,UAD and others. I wanted her to sing Baby live but she didnt
  11. Little gift y'all ! This is the new place to be !!

    Her body looks good!