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  1. This was actually on Exhale but Britney specifically wanted it taken down from there because she hates the shoot. How dare you call yourself a fan by leaking her worst photoshoot of her career.
  2. What The Heck

    Not if the audience is paying big bucks to come to Vegas from around the world.
  3. What The Heck

    she's done the same performance for over a year. There's no excuse for that
  4. What The Heck

    No, she just wasn't feelin it
  5. What The Heck

    That second video is EMBARRASSING.
  6. "jamie Cares About Britney"

    Lies, he's just money hungry.
  7. Preview Of Britney Spears On Extra

    for a second i thought you were ajfku or whatever the fuck his name is. No, that's not a compliment
  8. What Happened When Bj Came Out?

    I bought physical and iTunes version. Couldn't do EVERYTHING
  9. Don't Get Your Hopes Up...

    I agree. Very slowly, but surely.
  10. Don't Get Your Hopes Up...

    I would too. And I'd even be excited if she's just refreshing herself. That would mean she'll come back to Vegas more confident
  11. Don't Get Your Hopes Up...

    If the dance rehearsals were for a new single, she would have tweeted about it. Tbh, you should just assume that she is refreshing herself on the choreography for an E! News segment for promo reasons, so that you won't be disappointed when a release doesn't happen. Besides, if we're being honest, I think it's far too early to release new music. She even said she was taking things slow. I'm not expecting the new single until March at the earliest.
  12. The Following Thread Is Nsfw

    Okay, so I have a question. Since we're all not that innocent, I was jw: Do orgasms feel better after not masturbating for a while (build-up of sperm), or or if you masturbate frequently (bigger flow of sperm)?