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  1. The only way to save her career at this point...

    its the only good song on brinty jen
  2. The only way to save her career at this point...

    Thank you for not being delusional. Perhaps even a remix featuring Will.i.am and sabi? Just to help her maintain relevance and have some sort of radio success this era.....I'm worried for her.
  3. This would be the best album to ever exist

    Best album to exist My Baby Work work (radio edit) perfume It Should Be easy Radar Big Fat Bass Ooh la la SMS bangerz Chilin with you
  4. Is releasing "Chillin with you" as a single It's the best song off of Britney Jean, would get tons of views because Jamie Lynn spears is still relevant and it would be a #1 charting song on itunes in a matter of minutes Who else is here for it?
  5. It should be easy

    First work work, then toilet spray and now this mess? Britney's purposely trying to become irrelevant....
  6. I want this routine for britney!

    Thanks darling. Where else would I be? On that piece of shit site jordan the midget created?
  7. I want this routine for britney!

    Slay :britwink: