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  1. I'll admit I'm wrong, then. I'm not gonna just up and trust these dates but maybe they could be real.
  2. Because we got reports of her recording Mood Ring early-mid 2016, a little before Make Me came out if I'm recalling correctly. This is saying that it was recorded around the time Pretty Girls and Tom's Diner came out. That seems improbable.
  3. Where is this from? That date for Mood Ring definitely doesn't seem right tbh...
  4. It has a Britney pic right beside it what are you talking about lol, its a comparison of two photos so it most certainly is Britney related. If you want to start drama so bad, participate in my song rate and give your controversial opinions there.
  5. More like if your 11 wins lol. I'm not voting members out, just songs
  6. I'd like to give a warm welcome to sister @MagicalFlare and sister @HannahLou for joining our contestant list. Who will be next? Could it be you? PM me for info if you're interested (or confused lol)
  7. Yes, so hopefully people read this and understand better. Yeah, every full available song. I'm sending the ballot one era at a time so that it makes it easier. Commentary is NOT required at all! You can say nothing about any of the songs, or just some of the songs. It's completely up to you. I can PM you the rules so you can understand a little better. I'd definitely like as many people to contribute as possible (it makes the ratings more diverse, and gives a better result).
  8. PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY OR YOU'RE BANNED. Welcome, sistren, to "Fanta of Love", the official Universe song rate thread. We're gonna be rating Britney's discography to see what her most loved, and least loved songs are. It's gonna be urban, faded, and really interested and very cool. PM me for the rules and to start the rate! The deadline (and start of the elimination) will be on July 1, 2017, so you have plenty of time!! If you are even interested in participating (it's not hard, trust me), PM me ASAP so I can at least get you set up on my scoresheet. Love y'all very, very much, and let's get to work, bitch! Credit to HeadstrongWolf for helping me with ideas and stuff, and for being my first participant. List of current sistren:
  9. #Justice4Pumkin #ILYGurl #AlienIsTheBest
  10. I'm up in this game, bringing a part 2 Which song, you might ask? "Chillin With You" I'm cringing it up, my spiting is fire I'm so good you might ask "Are you Myah?" Y'all know I'm a trader, got exclusives That's right, I have the Toxic stems I'm mad at you hoes, you let my song rate flop I'm doing it again, keep it at the top Alien is definitely her worst song @HeadstrongWolf, your faves are all wrong and Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know? It flopped for a reason, it gotta go I wish will.i.am had produced Glory I think Blackout would be better with Myah Marie The lead single should be Private Show I'll pass to @MagicalFlare, I'm the winner tho
  11. not me not getting a mention
  12. wait send it to me i can help
  13. Except for the time she did leak stuff and got in trouble lol
  14. Photoshoots =/= events. People are really only interested in photoshoots mainly, they're a bit more interesting than events most of the time
  15. Who remembers this iconic mashup of Kelly's "Shoes" with Brit Brit's "Gimme More"? #TBT to a very different side of YouTube in 2007!