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  1. We have our disagreements but you're completely right tbh
  2. The second one has a slightly different font, and the text is placed just a TINY bit above the first one, which is kind of hard to tell.
  3. Both are official, I'm sure. Sometimes, oddly enough, covers will have slightly different spacing for the text even though they're both official. The top one is the less ugly one though.
  4. This is the 2001 Herb Ritts shoot. I have SIMILAR pictures in HQ but this specific picture, I do not have, and I'd reckon is not online, unfortunately.
  5. Excuse you. The only part I've never heard is that OD started before In The Zone. "the rest of us" obviously haven't either judging by the rest of the comments in this thread.
  6. This is the first time I've ever heard this so I completely doubt it. Original Doll was quite honestly nothing more than the super early stages of Blackout.
  7. that still makes no sense but ok
  8. Your lyrics don't make any amount of sense. What is a Flop-gin?
  9. None of this makes any amount of sense.
  10. Hey y'all! We have a little under a month until the ballots are closed and the songs are eliminated. Make sure you participate, there will be a lot of drama and stuff (someone's 11 is currently in the bottom 10 songs... yikes). This is a bit important though.... The songs will be voted off one by one from lowest to highest. There are currently an INSANE amount of ties (some averages have 6-10 songs). This makes having a countdown very difficult. PLEASE, spread the word. I don't want this rate to turn out messy. Recruit your Universe friends, spread the word, go call the police, do what you gotta, but let's make sure this rate is memorable, and the best way to do that is to have as many members participate as possible!!
  11. I have no words for this thread because i dont want another warning point. This is ridiculous, why can you not refrain from bashing Britney?
  12. Wow, I love t.A.T.u.! I can't believe they finally came back! slay!
  13. Do the meals come with vanilla candles? All the employees wear faded jeans or leotards with boas
  14. Honestly, it's probably just missing the fade-out at the end. I doubt it's a full on demo lol. I have a premix similar to what you are talking about for a Bjork song. It's missing a bunch of drums and there's some weird effects on it. One of the songs is about a minute longer too