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  1. None of mine (really) is music/fandom, all just selfies. Yeah I got it wrong, I know, but reallycoolandveryinteresting has been my user for so long its too late to change it
  2. reallycoolandveryinteresting
  3. Why did they put singles lmao. I hate when news sites do this, talk about "deep cuts" and literally list low-charting singles and album tracks.
  4. OK girlie...
  6. Yep, and all 8 are just various stages of mastering. People think this means they're wildly different versions of the song or something, they're not
  7. Yeah, they're all basically the final album version. SLIGHT differences in volumes.
  8. Oh no girl, you gonna miss the beginning of the song rate countdown
  9. Honey, the legit Pro Tools session was around. They're official.... But they're seriously nothing special. Although, you can't mix the alternate vocals used in the intro. It's an entirely separate file in the session.
  10. Demo intro = G Eazy, just earlier mixes. And then there are solo versions too
  11. The legit Pro Tools were what was initially going around. There are 8 mixes, and yeah, little to no difference in them. The vocal line in the intro sounds a TINY bit different. It also has solo version mixes, and the solo version adlib isolated.
  12. She screamed "TIBET! TIBET!" during it to support Tibet's freedom, and Chinese officials banned her from the country for it. It was iconic and messy.
  13. dont shade declare independence she literally got banned from china over this song but ur right, Dancer In The Dark and Homogenic are perfection
  14. the instrumental is the best part about that song tho
  15. TBH I'd say that's likely just stock music. Sorry that my answer isn't terribly specific, but I HIGHLY doubt it's a Britney track.