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  1. wendy williams talks about britney leaving vegas

    What's a Wendy Williams?? And why is he such a mess??
  2. and this is why im not willing to pay money when shes isnt giving it 100 percent if she cant be assed neither can i ffs sack the choreographer and costume designer
  3. So I just watched Britney Ever After

    Shame on you guys for watching it
  4. Britney's reply to Katy Perry

    In other words Katy Perry is full of shit Classy comeback Brit
  5. So... Now what?

  6. Dead and revived

    ahhh thnx
  7. Dead and revived

    its early but i dont get the joke whats funny about an xtina pic??
  8. OMG, Shut UP!

    Britney merch sale
  9. Still doesn't mean it's a date, probably using the situation for publicity
  10. I believe he's using her to further his career Just be wary B he looks like a snake
  11. My Only wish! Radio 1 UK!

    Shame they ignore her and shame on you for listening to a shit station
  12. Still angry....

    Gay clubs are tacky and slumber party ain't tacky