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  1. Britney wants food...

    Her body is on fire. Eat that burger Brit, you deserve it!
  2. Melanie Martinez is doing Britney's BBMA makeup

    Thank god it wasn't Glenn, Brit looked amazing. Loved the hair too (again thank god it wasn't Glenn).
  3. main page New tweet: Britney shares pic w/ David on twitter

    Brit is really cute but I hope that she stops with these lip injections, she doesn't need them.
  4. Collectors: about leaks/things circulating

    I don't care about pictures I only wish that some unreleased songs would leak.
  5. Recycleney! 2004 and 2007!

    Me neither.
  6. June 23rd in Britney's life :)

    2009ney is so cute and sexy and hot. :britney-agreedlol:
  7. Recycleney <3

    Awesome thread, I love it. Brit has her favorites.
  8. Britney about Circus video... *DEAD*

    She's so cute, love her.
  9. OH MY GOD,My whole life is a lie!

    I also drank Pepsi when I was younger cause Britneys face was on the bottle. Now I only drink Coca Zero, it has the best taste and zero calories.
  10. Britney's Most Underrated Look!!

    I've always loved that look. I really like that her eye make up is green, something different for her.
  11. I can't freakin wait for a new unreleased song, I'm dyinnnnnnn.
  12. I don't think they will release this, we already have Fantasy anniversary edition. But it's gorgeous.
  13. James & I (Britney Unnreleased song info)

    Can't wait until another unreleased song leaks, I freakin love them. Those trades have such treasures, it's not fair (i bet they aren't even Britney fans, it's so sad).
  14. main page New Britney Tweet + Picture!

    Brit looks good, I wish we would see her more.