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  1. OH SHIT

    hawt hawt
  2. oh my im shattered

  3. The only way to save her career at this point...

    agreed, but the video needs to have a twerk routine we need a white gurl who can actually twerk, unlike miley. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wleJXUNW7U4
  4. oh my im shattered

    wat bout theifonce?
  5. It should be easy

    one of my fav track on the album
  6. oh my im shattered

    do y'alll even have ma address
  7. oh my im shattered

    YES! YES YES!!! please
  8. so happy one of my fav on the CD along with TIK TIK
  9. oh my im shattered

    bought a fake louis vuitton wallet today came home to realize that this model doesnt exist in the real shop wrong zip colour and wrong look on the inside. now im embarassed to use it
  10. Britney rocks.

    yes yes yes!
  11. I want this routine for britney!

  12. Gisele Bundchen Drives With Baby On Her Lap

    copying queen brit i see
  13. imagine her dancing like this tik tik tik tik tik tik BOOM