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  1. Just Luv Me video screens leak

    Give us clear face shot, then we believe
  2. How Many Copies Of Each Album Have You Purchased?

    One of everything, but I try to collect different versions as well. Like I have Greatest Hits My Prerogative hard case without bonus cd and then that 2CD limited edition (soft and shiny covers.)
  3. Who did this?

    These are so wrong and horrible
  4. My Artwork of "GLORY" - #Fanmade

    Very nice! I played around with PS too
  5. Why Are Britney Fans Hating On "Clumslay"?

    It grows more and more on me with every play
  6. Clumsy

    You should be able to just listen to it when you open the link
  7. Clumsy

    So excited to buy it on iTunes tonight!!!
  8. Clumsy

    For them who want to hear it now. Download
  9. holy mother of godney (NSFW)

    Yeah that makes sense
  10. holy mother of godney (NSFW)

    I know right! As an artist (any artist) should compromise between what the artist wants and what fans want.
  11. holy mother of godney (NSFW)

    I can't believe that they actually used screenshot from the video as an album cover hopefully we get the original video, officially or leaked