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  1. Britney's Most Forgotten Single

    Someday is so amazing. Sadly, I don't think it's so much forgotten as just unknown by the GP. Reading over the wikipedia page, I was shocked to find that critics gave it negative reviews. WTF?
  2. there's nothing I like about that video, 'cept the fact that Britney is in it. It's by far my least favorite or her videos. That said, I still wouldn't 'dislike' it on Youtube. I'm sure that was just a bunch of haters from stan wars.
  3. Amazing Sketch Of Britney And Marilyn

    not what I was expecting at all. Sorry, but that's way creepy
  4. As Much As I Hate It...

    I'd love for her to perform at an awards show. OP, I don't understand the title of this thread...what do you hate?
  5. [Quiz] Guess The Britney Spears Song By The Obscure Lyric!

    90% I missed 2
  6. I'm too effing old to play this game
  7. Britney Vs Britney Jean

    I'm A Slave 4 U > Alien Overprotected > Work Bitch Lonely < Perfume I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman > It Should Be Easy Boys > Tik Tik Boom Anticipating > Body Ache I Love Rock N Roll = Til It's Gone Cinderella = Passenger Let Me Be > Chillin' With You Bombastic Love > Don't Cry That's Where You Take Me = Brightest Morning Star When I Found You = Hold On Tight What It's Like To Be Me < Now That I Found You I had to included some ties, so my results came to: Britney = 7 BJ = 2
  8. Cringe-Worthy

    glad to see I'm not the only one. Madonna 's attempt at 'sexy' comes off as vulgar, and sometimes - epileptic. Britney on the other hand - fire
  9. main page Britney Gets Interviewed For The Insider With Yahoo

    I can't believe the outfit she associated with Slave ...lol, WTF? the gramma set?
  10. Is Pop Masterpiece Femme Fatale Better Than Blackout?

    To call FF innovative boggles my mind. Just because she had a little dubstep breakdown in HIAM doesn't make the album innovative. I just can't. Blackout is miles ahead of FF in my opinion. That said, I'm glad that some people appreciate FF - to each their own.
  11. B E A U T I F U L!

  12. " Britney Doesn’T Care About Her Fans "

    love her. angel. sweetheart. perfection.
  13. Why Didn't Preform At The 2011 Vma's ?

    why does performing have to be labeled as paying tribute to oneself? I do think her performance was way too long, but I see no reason why she shouldn't have performed. I'm sorry, but I am so sick of these forum discussions being about cutting down other artists to boost Britney up. Britney doesn't need that shit. She's in a league of her own, regardless of how awesome or lame everybody else around her is.