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  1. Happy Birthday Steph!

  2. Britney's Little Monologues Before Songs

    I guess those little intros are only for the studio versions of the songs.
  3. Should Britney Re-Record Body Ache For Album 9?

    Let's just pretend that those awful BJ songs weren't even released ok?
  4. Britney Won't Join Katy In Halftime Show (Confirmed)

    Lmao why Lenny tho
  5. Something Kinda Weird I Noticed.

    Not gonna mention the amount of times the word "baby" is repeated in all of her songs
  6. So I'm Watching For The Record....

    Yes, the music makes you cry a bit Omfg I wish I could do a marathon like that
  7. That Face...

    lmao whatcha calling me a bitch for?? pressed
  8. Britney Spears Official Reciepts:

    yassss awesome!!
  9. That Face...

    that's not an orgasm face tbh
  10. Hiam Turns 4 Today!

    WTFFF 4 YEARS OLD??? time flies tbh
  11. Breatheheavy Is In Trouble (Tmz) - Updated

    Omfg is this legit