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  1. Maybe she got the rights to use the instrumental and melody and release it in Korea. Look Who's Talking Now, which was never released by Britney, was sold to BoA's team and Britney is credited as a writer.
  2. I just did a little piece of me video

    Nicely done!
  3. I thought it was the Glory booklet
  4. No lies detected. How I Roll is a masterpiece
  5. Britney is Working With A French Choreographer For Just Dance 2019?!!!

    I wonder what song it will be, because this year's edition features Slumber Party
  6. Sunset Fantasy

    Photoshop much? At least we know the secret project wasn't for a new perfume
  7. Britney is working on a secret project

    She's not wearing anything underneath those overalls
  8. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics


  10. That's some serious improvement tbh WHO IS THIS PERSON?!
  11. I Finally Took a Shower!

  12. Maybe it's for you very long time, but...

    You are missing a few steps in the middle of that timeline...