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  1. You are missing a few steps in the middle of that timeline...
  2. The FFT one was a disaster... probably the worst dancing moment on that tour. It's so embarrasing
  3. She looks so good on stage, but so tragic on those M&G pictures. I don't get it...
  4. We've been seeing the show from every possible angle for 4 years now. I don't really give a fuck about a DVD. How about a European leg?
  5. Are you 12?
  6. I agree the photos are beautiful and she looks pretty, but it's not album booklet material. It looks like an ordinary magazine photoshoot. I guess they had to go for "most personal album shoot ever" because the music wasn't so
  7. I don't think Britney will ever make a big impact on the GP, unless she starts focusing on her dancing and performing skills, which may be enough for us, but are far from being attractive for regular people to go check her new music and videos. Her poor dancing hurts her image and her career much more than any lipsync controversy, and she still has to make a proper comeback on that particular area.
  8. I made a post about this a month ago when the song came out, but nobody cared also this English version is utter shit compared to the Korean one, the vocals are badly edited on some parts
  9. I hope she somehow starts showcasing all this hard work in her performances.
  10. It will be the same plus some new leotards and a new catch phrase before Freakshow
  11. I kinda think she will release some random buzz single before the end of the year and before Vegas wrap-up leg, because I feel a very loooooooong hiatus is coming after Vegas ends.