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  1. They also released the English version, but I'm too lazy to look for it. The adlibs are very Britney, the beat and the vibe too... Not to mention those adlibs and the title
  2. At this point the only thing that's going to leak is the TV
  3. Unbrokeney on tumblr says the stems of 'Make Me' came with different mixes of the song. They posted a little preview, but it sounds pretty much the same, except G-Eazy's rap intro.
  4. This is from 1997 or so... I remember hearing it on the radio when I was I kid
  5. He seems like a really nice guy
  6. looks legit
  7. dem boobies... and is that a new tattoo or a fake one?
  8. How is he these days? Does he still produce for popular artists? He is a shit producer to me, seeing how much of his work is *cough* inspired *cough* by others'.
  9. obviously
  10. maybe a collab like tom's diner
  11. Probably the only upbeat Britney song that doesn't make me want to dance. I hate it since day 1, even though I'm happy it was a hit. As the actual article suggest, it wasn't a hit because it's good, but because it's pretty sticky: