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  1. "MAKE ME" It's officially out!

    I'm going to drown Katy in the water in that cover art.
  2. Make Me Single Cover

    Desert queen
  3. So KOB-FM lied?

    I'm going to lose it.
  4. All I want in life is a men's cologne by my queen
  5. Well Now We Know

    i laughed way too hard at this. thank you
  6. Happy Birthday adamspears!

  7. Pretty Girls Without Music

  8. Pretty Girls Without Music

    Has anyone seen this?
  9. Do You Like The Pretty Girls Mv?

  10. How Long Time Left Until The Music Video Is Up On Vevp?

    I've confessed my sins in preparation for the coming of Godney. :Scooterney:
  11. How Long Time Left Until The Music Video Is Up On Vevp?

    YES. Currently blasting PG across my neighborhood. Preparing these peasants for salvation.
  12. My Very Own Review Of Pretty Girls

    That's why I'm so excited for the music video! I think she gives the most energy when she's genuinely excited