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White Tulip

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  1. Brinny's Impact On Fringe

    I miss it so much.
  2. Brinny's Impact On Fringe

    Yes, you're there too!
  3. I Have Something To Tell Y'all

  4. Brinny's Impact On Fringe

    6 or 7 is like a term of endearment.
  5. I Have Something To Tell Y'all

    Third single is out of question, but album 9 is in the making and will drop next year. Original Perfume video will never be released because it contains scenes that may be considered too strong.
  6. I Have Something To Tell Y'all

    When Godney say yes, nobody can say no.
  7. I Have Something To Tell Y'all

    I'm an insider and Brinny said she would be very happy if Circus was Vevo Certified. So happy that she would hang out her pussy again. So don't disobey Godney and get to watch bitch. The video is very interesting. It's cool and faded because its concept is basically about, you know, circus.
  8. I'm Going On Vacation Today

    How was your trip?
  9. Movies you cried during?

    The last one I remember was Sala Samobójców.
  10. BYE!

    Don't do this to yourself.
  11. Song vs. Song

    Breathe On Me vs Touch Of My Hand