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  1. Britney's First Boyfriend On Fb

    I remember looking at his Facebook in 2012 and he had posted this picture on his timeline: There was some rude caption, but I don't remember exactly what it said. It was something about aging though. There were a lot of comments. I just checked now, and it seems to have been deleted.
  2. Video Played At Pom

    haha definitely a good thing!
  3. Video Played At Pom

    yeah, i've been missing out hahah, it is a great dvd though!
  4. Video Played At Pom

    no problem! glad you like them
  5. Video Played At Pom

    yeah, that's the one, i just checked my dvd! i've watched that dvd a million times and never noticed the extras haha, thank you though!
  6. Video Played At Pom

    When I went to see POM, they were playing uncut versions of Britney's music videos, along with bloopers in the lobby (while waiting to be let into the auditorium). The two that I had a chance to see were Toxic & Oops, here is the exact Oops one for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwmhnIhHVjk After Toxic played, I noticed it went to a menu that said "Extras" and "Uncut".Does anyone know if these are out there somewhere on a DVD? Any info would be helpful, thank you! EDIT -- I think I've found my answer..on the greatest hits dvd?
  7. General Admission/Pit at POM

    oh okay, well thanks again!
  8. General Admission/Pit at POM

    oh okay, awesome
  9. General Admission/Pit at POM

    thank you sooo much did people run to get to the pit? haha i've heard mixed answers on that
  10. General Admission/Pit at POM

    oh okay, that makes sense, thank you! they let you in that hall starting at 7:30 right? when do they open the doors to go from the hall to the pit?
  11. General Admission/Pit at POM

    I've seen so many different things too, that's why I thought I'd ask! I see you're going the same dates as me, are you in the pit both nights too?
  12. General Admission/Pit at POM

    Hi guys, I'm traveling alone to see Brit Aug 19 & 20, and have pit tickets for both nights. I've read every thread I could find on here about when to get in line, etc, but have seen no feedback/updates from the people who posted the thread. For those who had pit tickets, and waited in line, can you tell me: 1. What time did you get in line? Were there a lot of people ahead of you? 2. Did the pit fill up quickly, or could I get away with coming in later? 3. If I showed up at like 8, do you think there would still be a line for general admission, or could I walk right in and head to the pit? 4. Is there anything you'd do differently to get a better position in the pit? Thank you all so much, I just want my experience to be perfect!