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  1. main page Happy Holidays From Britney

    https://twitter.com/britneyspears/status/678706271730581504/photo/1 She's so cute who's the first guy tho
  2. R.i.p. Cory

    Where did this info come from?
  3. main page Happy Flashback Friday @britneyspears

    'Suki' means 'bitches' in Polish lol
  4. OMG this is so amazing!! Saw it all briefly and now can't wait to read the whole thing. Thank you for doing this, such an awesome fan
  5. The Weirdest Thing Just Happened.

  6. We Should Try To Get Britney To Do This!

    He just did http://www.justjared.com/2014/08/17/justin-bieber-wants-barack-obama-to-do-the-ice-bucket-challenge/
  7. That Midget's Shameless Promo!

    If I didn't know what it says I'd probably just think it's a lame inscription that means nothing... He's shameless though
  8. Make This An Emote (Iconic 2)!

    AGREE!! btw love your sig such fun!!
  9. We Should Try To Get Britney To Do This!

    I don't think today's Brit Brit would do that... Well maybe if someone important nominated her, but who could that be? Idk