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  1. Why is he acting like he's still talked about? Literally no fucker cares about 'Leave Britney Alone' now, let's just take a moment
  2. Which Members Do You Miss That Were Usually Active?

    I can't at the fact that I wasn't mentioned on this thread
  3. Britney Should Be Treated Like A Bride Every Day

    Lmao why? It's a career. Sometimes you've got to do things you don't like when you're working.
  4. Buzzfeed Article: Music Jokes (Brit-Related)

    For god sake, I actually can't
  5. Cringey thread is cringey
  6. Haters should watch these videos

    Too many people are stupid in this world.
  7. Why has Britney been paying dust to Boys?

    Are you kidding? I loved the FFT version of Boys...
  8. Where are all the sexy fans..!!!

    True bby Or I'm probably just agreeing with you because you're hot tbh oh my
  9. Do y'all think Britney was forced to collab with Miley?

    Probs, Miley ain't got shit on Brit
  10. Where are all the sexy fans..!!!

    You're hottttt!
  11. Where are all the sexy fans..!!!

    igyc is like 14! Some of the attention seeking in this thread tho