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  1. lucky performance is so under appreciated

    MTE. i think some people dont understand what her team is doing ...
  2. The bitch can still dance

    she for sure can dance and dance very very good but some for some people its primeney or nothing.
  3. omg he is so sexy

  4. The offical Pretty Little Liars Thread

    omg hannah killed me
  5. Working on Pom dvd

    is it going to be available on Youtube ?
  6. britney fans 25+

  7. If Britney were reading right now, what would you say?

    i would tell her that i love her and that she is my idol and to enjoy her life. I would thank her for POM and tell her that she is an extremely good performer and finally that she is one of the strongest person i know.
  8. How did you guys come up with your names?

    because of true blood.
  9. how old were you when you lose your virginity?

    the ass count you know ?
  10. how old were you when you lose your virginity?

    16 and he was way older ...
  11. where are my french peepz ?

    i feel so alone
  12. Are yall betches on exhell as guests?

    no i post here and there
  13. Exhale exclusive

    i cant believe i have to start over im just a baby now
  14. Exhale exclusive

  15. main page NEW CANDIDS BACK TO BLONDE !!

    what a queen