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  1. New Remix From Nick*!

    Alien should of been a single
  2. Names For Album 9

    Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like.
  3. Britney Jean Single Choices?

    Alien Now That I Found You Til I Found You (International) Perfume
  4. haha i saw this tonight at Walmart. it's been awhile since Brit has been a cover girl on those bullshit mags lol
  5. Do Y'all Think Britney Would Look Cute If She Was Heavy?

    Brit would be super cute as a fat girl lol I see her being chunky later on in life though...
  6. Marilyn Monroeney

  7. Too bad the whole world believes it to be real
  8. Do You Think Britney Will Make An Appearance At The Tcas?

    Doubt it. I won't even watch
  9. New Reading On Britney Spears!

    Didn't watch the whole video but I do hope Britney leaves RCA.
  10. Just watched it. Wow those were really kind words about Britney..... fucking love Zoe So cool and sweet of her to defend the queen
  11. "the Essential: Britney Spears" Goes On Sale (Again)!

    RCA is a total piece of shit with Britney. Why wouldn't they get her a small banner?
  12. I Have A Question About Pom Meet & Greets

    Haven't done the M&G yet But I have met Fe and others who have gone through the experience. Fe is such a sweetheart and really good with fans. Got a pic with her. There is a section just outside the concert where the people who did the M&G pick up their pics with Brit. I talked to some of them and all of them said it was so worth the money blah blah blah and that Britney was so sweet. k that's all
  13. "the Essential: Britney Spears" Goes On Sale (Again)!

    Yeah cuz it takes a lot for me to go to that place
  14. "the Essential: Britney Spears" Goes On Sale (Again)!

    Did you buy the physical CD? Cuz I couldn't find it at Walmart