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  1. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! Urban outfitters just announced that they will be selling Britney Spears first iconic album “…..Baby One More Time’ on VINYL!!!! HOLY GODNEY!! OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!! THANK YOU URBAN OUTFITTERS FOR MAKING THE BRITNEY ARMYS DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!! We hope you guys have more to come Click here to preorder the vinyl! View the full article
  2. Britney returned to her Las Vegas stage on Wednesday, August 10th and during her performance last night she had a little scary surprise last night. During her closing act a “fan” jumped on stage trying to get close to Britney, luckily her kick ass security team caught him in time to stop him. Britney was unaware of his presence and continued performing until she noticed a commotion and security scrambled to protect her. Britney then turned to her security saying “Is something okay? What’s going on? What’s going on? Who’s hurt?” Britney was then rushed off the stage by her Security. When the fan was escorted off the stage Britney returned to the stage to finish her show, like a pro! Check out the videos below: Big shoutout to Britney’s Security team for always protecting Britney! Glad everyone is safe and ok! View the full article
  3. This is the REMIX BITCH! Check out this AMAZING mashup of Britney Spears and Hilary Duff Megamix , created by a flawless Britney Army Member, Neemz. Click here to listen to this amazing megamix! What do you all think?!?! View the full article
  4. New Outtakes ALERT!!! Our friends over at Britney Museum gave the Britney Army a little present today! Check out these awesome Outtakes: Thanks guys for sharing these!!! View the full article
  5. Well DUH! We all know our Queen, Britney Spears, is Iconic… During a recent interview with Billboard, Willa Ford, revealed that Britney Spears is a HUGE iconic in today’s world. Check out what Willa had to say about our Queen below: Part of it was image-based. People really didn’t think that we all liked each other, but I really did like all the girls. Britney Spears was really the first pop girl to launch, so you can’t touch that: Britney is iconic. Living Legend, You can look but don’t touch! Source View the full article
  6. Patience, darling, wait for the night Darkness comes and love comes alive I’ve been right here dreaming of you Waiting for my man on the moon Moon….. You all need to listen to this amazing “Man on the Moon” (Acoustic) remix. It’s fucking FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL! Click here to list to the FULL version. What do you all think?!? View the full article
  7. Today we wanted to share 2 awesome mixes one by our talented staff member HybridFan3 and another one by our forum member ifuseekme The first one is an awesome Lead Vocal Mix from Do You Wanna Come Over by HybridFan3 And the second one is an awesome mix called don’t keep strangers waiting (Britney X Halsey) by ifuseekme We hope you like them as much as we do! View the full article
  8. It’s Kish Bitch! We here at absolute Britney believe that EVERY Britney Army member deserves the spotlight on our mainpage which is why we are featuring the incredibly talented, Kish Jeane. Absolute Britney wanted to feature Kish AMAZING talent. Check out what Kish does below: 1) Tell us a little bit about yourself! I’m a modern visual artist, my art reflects my passion for Popular Culture, which I often seek for inspiration to create modern interpretations of pop art using a variety of mixed media often not combined yet resulting in unique and original one-off pieces. My latest project, Kish’s Canvas is an original line-up of modern and vibrant pop art-inspired paintings of some of today’s most iconic public figures sees me making my pieces more accessible and available for instant-purchase on a variety of cool and fashionable apparel and accessory pieces now available to buy from my online store:www.kishscanvas.com 2) Why did you want to design these shirts? I started Painting Britney and making it available on T-shirts and other items because my goal is to make wearing Britney T-shirts or using items with Britney on them trend, so i can use my talent to support her and remind people what an icon she is. 3) What inspires you to design this line? My inspiration was the Britney army, when they saw my Britney paintings they started asking me for T-shirt and canvas prints so I did it for them. 4) What is your favorite Britney song? The song that made me fall in love with Britney in the first place “Born to make you happy” 6) Do you have a favorite Britney Tour? It’s impossible to pick only one Britney tour, every single one has a sentimental value and reminds me of a different phase in my life, but I’m gonna go with “Dream within a dream” cause of the beautiful setlist. 7) What is the creating process on designing these shirts? It’s not an easy process, all my designs are HAND PAINTED, nothing is illustrated or digitally enhanced which I think gives a more artistic feel to the pieces, after I finish the painting which takes about a week or two to get all the details right, i design the way i want it to be printed on every single item and when it’s ready i release the collection. 8) Are they available world wide? Yes of course, Worldwide shipping is available, and the shipping is free if you order more than one item. 9) What is your favorite Britney album? I have 3 favorite Britney albums: Britney, Britney Jean and Glory! can’t pick one. 10) anything else you would like to say? Yes, I would like to thank The Britney Army for all their support and love, The amazing Designer and photographer Ratib Anani for the amazing website, online shop, photoshoots and all the support, My idol Nick San Pedro who’s inspired me ever since i started studying art and the amazing Danny Diaz for his amazing support. You can follow Kish on Instagram at “super.kish” where you can find more photos of his amazing collection and the link to his store is www.kishscanvas.com to purchase a shirt. You have a wonderful talent Kish. Thank you for sharing your story with us and your beautiful talent. Keep following your dreams. View the full article
  9. Oh My GODNEY! We are LOVING that local stores are now starting to sell ICONIC shirts of our queen, and the best part is they are affordable for EVERYONE! Target recently just released an exclusive “Britney” t-shirt for $12.99. You can buy by clicking here. View the full article
  10. Britney Spears spoke to People Magazine recently about how it is like to be a mother. Check out the interview below: “My kids come first, always,” Spears tells PEOPLE while opening up about her brand-new fragrance, VIP Private Show. “There is nothing more rewarding than being a momand watching my sons grow into young men.” Adds the star of Jayden James, 10, and Sean Preston, 11, “I am so lucky that I get to experience all of life’s adventures with them.” Spears, 35, shares the boys with ex-husband Kevin Federline, from whom she split in 2007. Federline and Spears have amicably co-parented for years, but the singer tells PEOPLE that “the balance between work and my personal life can be a challenge” as a single mom. “I always do my best to plan my schedule around my family whenever possible,” she says. Spears is enjoying every moment she has with Preston and Jayden, sharing, “I love watching them play sports and just running around with them.” “We have a lot of fun together,” the proud mom says. “We love having a beach day together.” And she’s focused on raising respectful young men. As the “Slumber Party” songstresstells PEOPLE, “I have always taught them that beauty comes from within.” Aw!!!!! What a great interview. The world knows Britney is such an awesome mom! We give her so much credit especially with all the amount of things she has on her plate. We are so happy she found the balance in her life. Source View the full article
  11. #BritneyArmy! RCA Records GM/Executive VP Promotion Joe Riccitelli has recently talked about Britney Spears in a podcast with Billboard! The hard working and talented Joe Riccitelli talked about how Britney’s 6th studio album “Blackout” changed the game and the impact it had on music! Check out what he had to say here: Billboard: “Britney Spears? New music from Britney?” Joe Riccitelli: “I don’t think at the moment. I think that she’s going to focus on wrapping up her Vegas residency and I think she actually wants to figure out what her next moves are; but it’s always great to work with Britney. She’s amazing and we were just talking about Blackout recently; I was talking to Larry Rudolph about Blackout and how that album really did change the game for her and for a lot of people and it wasn’t something that I think that we were really expecting at that moment in time and it was an album that, ultimately when you go back and look at it, gained momentum as we went along and really built her up and really took her to her next phase in her life”. Very exciting; Can’t wait for#B10! We sure hope it’ll be a game changer! Imagine a hard hitting single like Gimme More as the lead single of B10? That would slay the entire world and radio! Source: Billboard Discuss this on our Universe forums! View the full article
  12. #BritneyArmy! Today marks 1 year since Britney’s ICONIC Burns-produced single “Make Me” got released worldwide! Make Me is definitely one of her BEST lead singles ever produced by one of the most talented producers “Burns” (who should definitely work with Britney again). It quickly hit #1 on iTunes the same day it had gotten released; what an impact! #BurnsForB10 #1YearOfMakeMe Let’s celebrate by streaming #MakeMe on Vevo, YouTube, the all new iHeartRadio app, and Spotify/Apple Music! A TRUE masterpiece! Discuss this on our Universe forums! View the full article
  13. The Queen of Pop landed at number 39 on Billboards “Top 50 Money Makers”! 39. Britney Spears Spears’ Las Vegas residency helped push her live take-home pay to $9.5 million, while new album Glory contributed to $1.2 million in royalties, with 529 million combined on-demand streams and 250,000 album sales total across her catalog. LAST YEAR: 22 Awesome news!!! We are always proud of you Britney!!! Source View the full article
  14. And once again the rumor of Britney Spears performing at the super bowl are shut down! During the 2017 VenuesNow conference, MAC president Marcie Allen asked Justin Toman, Pepsi’s Senior Director of Marketing, which artist is would be playing at next years show. His response: “I can tell you it’s not Britney. That rumor happens at this time every year” Thanks for clearing this up for us! We all were looking forward to this iconic performance but hopefully one day it will happen. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet folks, even if it comes from an “official account”. View the full article
  15. Lucky Britney Army Fan, Joel Lim, got to meet the Queen of Pop during her small tour. Joel spoke to ZYRUP about his experience meeting Britney and also how he got to meet Britney. Check out the interview below: ZYRUP: First things first. How did you manage to score the opportunity to meet Britney Spears? Joel: I was in an Uber and it happened to be tuned in to Kiss92, which was the official radio station for the concert. The DJ spoke about a competition they were organizing and how the winner gets to win some pretty outrageous prizes, including a meet-and-greet with Britney herself. When I heard that, my heart skipped a beat and before you can say “Radar horse porn!” I was sending in my application. I guess you can say it’s meant to be, because look where we are now, right? What did you do to win the competition? I had to perform in front of a crowd in Orchard, which was absolutely terrifying! But I really, really wanted to win so there was no time to be paiseh lah! I did a performance of ‘Circus’ and referenced some of her iconic moments. I probably will never do anything like that ever again, but I had fun! Tell us how you got ready on the day of the concert. One of the prizes was actually a staycation at The Quincy Hotel on the day of the show, so my friend Valerie and I had a little Britney-themed pre-game session. Oh, and we were driven to the concert venue in a limousine as well, which was pretty you know, cool, as Britney would say. We were blasting her greatest hits in the ride, of course. It was just perfect. We’ve heard how Britney’s security team is pretty hardcore. Is that true? No s**t! It’s Britney freaking Spears we’re talking about here! She’s a living legend, so it’s understandable. Two members from Britney’s security team gave us a briefing when we were first brought backstage. They were rather intimidating. They told us that Britney is a really shy person–as if we fans didn’t already know that. We were also told to try our best to appear calm, and to keep the interaction brief. You actually appeared on Britney’s Instagram! How did you react when you found out? This was at 4am and out of nowhere my phone started going crazy. I was like, oh crap, what happened?! Then I found out that she posted a video of our interaction on Instagram. I started making this really weird noise and jumping around the room. In hindsight, it was not my most glamorous moment. You seemed pretty chill in the video when actually meeting her, though. Looks can be deceiving, man. The video makes the whole situation look a lot less intimidating than it was. When I walked in and saw a massive group of people that probably included her managers, assistants and bodyguards, I was shookt. Everyone had cameras and portable lights pointed at us. You don’t get to see what’s behind the camera, but it was a circus. I was so, so nervous. Britney said you made her nervous! I know. It was mutual. She did also say we were nice. I’m going to add that to my Instagram bio! You hugged Britney Spears. There must be a lot of fans out there who probably hate you for that. The fans have actually been really nice about it! Britney fans are great. However, I do need to clarify something about the hug. In the video you can see that I had a slight moment of hesitation. Her security team specifically said to not “go at her” during the briefing, and of course they were standing right there keeping a watchful eye on us. I didn’t want any trouble for me, you know? Kiasi, mah! So I made sure to ask her first if I could give her a hug, and thankfully she said “Yes!”, which you can hear in the video. The interaction was not awkward at all. In fact, she was really sweet. It sucks that people think the contrary. I hope this clears up the air! What was the experience like? There was a lot of waiting at first. We had to turn in our phones and belongings at a holding room. We spoke to one of the security team members for a little bit during the wait. He revealed that the fans from the Philippines were the most enthusiastic, while the Thai fans were the most awestruck. There was this massive curtain at the end of the hallway and I knew right away that Britney was behind it, judging from the number of security personnel stationed there. Once Britney was ready, they gave me my cue. I walked behind it, and there she was waiting in the corner! She was so much taller than I thought she would be, especially since people have been talking about how tiny she was in person. She looked really good, like straight out of 2001. I’m talking peak-Britney. The make-up, the long blonde hair, the midriff-baring top, the jeans (which are very, very cool because they’re faded) and the abs. The abs! She was drop dead beautiful (feat. Sabi)! What did you say to her? Dude, I’m such a loser because I was rehearsing all these things I was going to say to her. Release a third single from Glory! Do the Super Bowl! The fans want a men’s fragrance! But once I was right there in front of the real Britney Spears, I just blanked out. Didn’t know what to say except “Hello!” At least I got the hug. Sorry, Britney Army, my bad! Speaking of perfumes, Britney has a billion-dollar perfume empire, so we have to ask – which perfume did she wear? Oh, she smelled so good! I wasn’t able to recognize the perfume, but I would describe it as a sweet, floral scent. In fact, long after meeting her, I could still catch a whiff of her perfume on my shirt. I was like, yesssss Brit, mark your territory! You know, like in the song. It is said that we should never meet our heroes in person. Do you think meeting Britney has changed the way you perceive her? Are you kidding me? You have to understand how Britney fans are. We have been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I really think that there’s no other fan base that is more loyal. If anything, I’m an even bigger fan now. So yeah, good question, but the only thing that will be changing is my profile picture on Facebook. View the full article