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  1. Britney is working on a secret project

    Piece of Me Last Dates DVD confirmed !1!111III!!! (Note the sarcasm)
  2. Britney Live in Mexico Proshot Video

    She used pre-recorded vocals for Work Bitch (still does) Womanizer Me Against the Music (still does) - these were really subtle Gimme More Piece of Me - these were realy obvious Freakshow (I think there still is) - these were realy obvious Stronger and Crazy - These were really subtle: first there's a #Stronger# after that the first chorus that sound live, and then the longer "Stronger" at the end was also pre-recorded. In Crazy it was after the whole "give it up fr my dancers and band" I think TTWE too, but then the revamp came and they dissapeared. Edit: Some videos:
  3. LEAK: LMD STEMS (Merry Britmas / Leakhaüsen)

  4. WTF with this comment?

    I know that. But he's claming to be Britney's #1 fan and saying those words are completely wrong. That's not mixing up, that being ignorant for calling himself a super fan.
  5. WTF with this comment?

    Dude, what the fuck?
  6. Well, he attacked a bodyguard (You can see the BG runing to him, catching him and then the fan flipped him over to the stage floor), so I think he deserved it.
  7. I'm pretty sure that Everytime and I Love Rock and Roll were cutted from the show. No videos from those and if we go the iTunes perfomance rute, it would make sense
  8. Slay the vocals
  9. One question about FTBOMBH 1999 version...

    Jive did it cause they wanted a short version for the radio and it was done.
  10. Britney on Manila June 15th

    And this was posted on April 4, how did we miss it?