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  1. RT @PromoBersama: Preorder tote bag "the beatles" (PO sampai tanggal 10 desember)idr : 75 kpin BBM : 526A875DBahan lembut & halus http…

  2. RT @PromoBersama: Preorder totebag ,chelsea, barca, real madrid, dllHarga : 85 Ribupin bbm : 52F329C1Lokasi : Bogor http://t.co/mX1SyCX…

  3. RT @rdyxx: Some legends are told. Some turn to dust or to gold. But you will remember me... For centuries. http://t.co/6qzoyMpzdN

  4. RT @fox13now: Woman 'jokingly' waving gun says, "We're ready for #Ferguson," & accidentally shoots self in the head, dies. http://t.co/qugv…

  5. I swear.. Jesus Christ had died and went back to heaven and dinosaurs age had passed yet HIAM hasn't been certified #WatchHIAMonVEVO

  6. The officer could've sent him to jail instead of shot him to death. #JusticeForMikeBrown #FergusonDecision

  7. RT @MissSwan1: @Steebiie people who stan Beyonce are genreally uneducated people of color, just like their fave. The upstanding black commu…

  8. Sooo This Has Been Going Around....(Album 9)

    well @UnfollowedBreatheHeavy tweeted about Max Martin and Danja are taking part of B9.. i can't tell if he's reliable enough or not but all i have to do is finger crossed lol
  9. i usually don't really like disco but his new single seems a bit promising and absolutely a progress compared to his other work in the past.. i'm excited cause the insider says that britney song is the strongest material in the album..
  10. i always forgot that one.. but i mean her solo
  11. Perez Wrote About Twitter Attack Over Britney Mean Tweets

    TMZ also wrote about it lol
  12. have u guys listened to Girogio Murder - 74 is the new 24 ? it's kinda good but a bit boring imo.. i hope he gives britney the best material in the album.. i want another smash, it's been too long since i wanna go
  13. Beyonce... What The F...

    i liked it at first listen but after watching the vid i changed my mind.. it's too noisy not really a jam material