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  1. Single/Album Covers

    never made a Britney cover just cause i think the original is FLAWLESS
  2. Its the teeth peaking out that throw me off
  3. shes amazing, was rooting her from episode one of Drag Race
  4. Old School Sig Sets

    Spill It Now its a music/entertainment forum
  5. PRISMATIC sounds lame tbh

    erh talking from someone that's actually seen it live, its pretty amazing.. her interaction with the fans alone makes it amazing...
  6. KATY or GAGA

    Katy all the way.. her music is more relate-able, and she's being her. Not some obscure image she thinks is cool and avant-garde. Plus Katy just seems like a decent and fun person. The Prismatic tour is amazing, I soo hope the UK gets a second leg.. i need to see it again KATY ALL THE WAY!!
  7. Old School Sig Sets

    me and Brandan chatted for abit but he stopped chatting, erm Jr's on SIN..
  8. Old School Sig Sets

    im goona try and be active
  9. Single/Album Covers

  10. Old School Sig Sets

    OMG Diego..?? I remember those sigs.. good old day of Exhale
  11. sig check

    love Willam
  12. Single/Album Covers

    Britney: Piece Of Me Tour BluRay cover Passenger Single Tik Tik Boom Single Work Bitch Single What It's Like To Be Me Single Unreleased Collection Cover Trouble For Me Single It Should Be Easy Single Perfume Single Britney Jeans Cover thoughts.?? some are a little topaz heavy :s