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  1. Rate Pom Revamped Show

    9/10 I love the whole show. To me the best show in her career (in other shows I always disliked and skipped some parts) I just would add a little live parts to make it perfect (intro in work bitch, first part of everytime and maybe baby one more time, tree part is toxic) there are parts in which she actually has breath to sing.
  2. That is exactly the point. When I go to a concert I expect them to sing live not to fake they do even when I know they are doing it.the point with prerecorded vocals was to pretend it was live when people thought it was actually live but right now I wouldn't expect that, Britney is abou a show not a concert. I also like prerecorded vocals but to me they don't make sense anymore since she records them in the studio and they are fixed as well. When she was doing oops and dwad she recorded them on stage in one shot so it was like yeah, she's not singing live now but she did once, in femme fatale tour and circus the songs she used were from studio and that's exactly the same as dancing to an album track just without robotic effects or the pitch correction. Sounds kind of live but it's pretending. And by the way apart from 2 or 3 songs the rest of the show was album vocals in her shows since dream within a dream tour, the rest were album vocals.
  3. The point with the prerecorded vocals is to seem live even though we all know it's lipped already? Not sure anymore if we really need prerecorded vocals. It's actually the same... this way when they turbo the mic on fit a weird we notice it.
  4. Thanks britney! Finally you delivered what fans asked for. Amazing, fierce, hot and entertaining. Love the costumes some if them are incredible. The red from freakshow stays and I am happy cause it was my fave.The green fit the section so so well. The baby one more time and slave are great. Love the schoolish vibe of the MaTM section. I am glad I love Rock and Roll is back and looks nice with the guitar the clapping part together. Of course I like the new routines, gimme more looks good, Womanizer had improved, work bitch too... still have to watch break the ice. I think that the show is what a Britney Spears show is about: fun, dance, sexyness and old time hits with recent ones. So proud of Britney but a bit disappointed with some fans.
  5. I can't with all this drama. She's not gonna say before the show as many people said because of audience, so people still believe in the secret winners or at least pretending. This time I think we should be supportive.
  6. Ok Lets Imagine The Worst Case

    True, but the record label is not going to invest in expensive pproducers, videos, expensive photographers for a has been artist along 4 albums. They will make her relevant again. With britney jean the had a great test, they know how many people would buy a britney album under any circumstances. The result.... not enough. They'll make her sell at least some hits... it's about money not love to the music.
  7. Ok Lets Imagine The Worst Case

    She needs to regain the general public not the fans. She's out of the musical scene nowadays, in many countries young people don't even recognise her. Of course I would love to have pure Britney pop album but she's not going anywhere with that. Quality is not against popularity, she's not the kind of singer to make weird underground music, she is a pop star, pop is for the general public (is part of pop definition) that is her audience. Her aim now should be to gain audience in between taylor swift, ariana grande and justin,that's the people buying music and she needs followers that buy her music not people that like her ( those are the people who bought britney jean, those are the fan base) sorry for the speech.
  8. Ok Lets Imagine The Worst Case

    She's is not retiring since she's got a contract, I really think that the record label is not gonna let her flop... something like justin bieber. .. a cool album trendy songs nice producers and gp friendly.... you'll see
  9. Femme Fatale Tour

    I don't think it was bad at all, I liked the set list, the remixes, the production and many nights she was on point, nor as sharp as she was before and she is now but still good. I can't judge a show from a bad night, she's always had bad nights. Circus tour had really really bad nights and amazing nights. I compare it to circus because it's loved and we have material from all the dates, not bashing.
  10. List Your Top 10 Britney Singles Ever!

    1. Slave 4 U 2. Boys 3. Piece of me 4. Stronger 5. Circus 6. Oops I did it again. 7. Womanizer. 8. Till the world ends. 9. Crazy 10. Toxic
  11. Here in Spain people know who she is but she's more of a has been. Press didn't get over 2007. She should do something like a huge smash hit, an epic performance,... People know her songs but they don't even relate them to her (modern songs) She's more like a teenage icon. Back in time she was very well known and liked as musician and as a woman, nowadays she is not more famous than christina. Definately she needs new music to be back. You can hear some of her songs on TV and radio though.
  12. Underrated Yet Flawless Look. :)

    Not really a fan of this look. ..
  13. Just that makes any money worthy... ladies and gentlemen the legendary Mrs britney spears
  14. Happy Birthday VKTR!