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It's Pinkman Bitch

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  1. Katy Perry - This Is How We Do Video Premiere

    Sick of her racist appropriating shit tbfh
  2. My Neighbors Are Drug Dealers

    Mine is a prozzie
  3. Why Britney cheated on Justin

    lol some of y'all defending her for cheating (if she did) it could be one of those situations where brit was getting a bit too close to some guy, nothing really happened but justin didn't like it? only saying this bc in an interview she said that what he was saying wasn't wrong but wasn't right either? but then again she could be lying. If she did cheat on him then she deserved to lose the relationship. Justin should of just shaded her to her face in private and kept his mouth shut while in interviews and radios and shit. I'm a fan of Justin but he's a little pussy...still to this day he shades her lmao and talking about taking her v card was gross. However, we don't know shit all we can do is speculate lol