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    The night is still young to be seduced...
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    Love catching up on my shows including PLL, VD, OTH, Revenge (as of late), Once Upon a Time and more
    Listening to ITZ like it came out just yesterday
    Reading-YA, fantasy, etc.
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    Riding bikes in the warm summer weather


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  1. I keep trying to reply to your message and Uni keeps refreshing my page or displaying error. Gonna...lose...my mind -.-

    1. BritsBaby95


      aw.... that's bad :( it's ok i know you're at least alive :hug:

  2. My Blackout Cover

    Umm my prerogative. Her sexiness was off the charts
  3. All Clips Of Britney's Appearance On Jtv

    "Do you know how many poop emoji's I've had to deal with today?" ....Am i the only one who cracked up there? #Awkward
  4. My Blackout Cover

    That was a good choice I love that photoshoot. Mature and demure this
  5. My Blackout Cover

    I like it Like it's blurring the line between getting pulled into darkness and immersing yourself willingly. Maybe an alternative to BJ, if you haven't already done one?
  6. Happy Birthday GimmeOnyx!

  7. main page Yoganey!

    Mmm mmm mmm. The things her body can do
  8. THREE days in Disneyland? Damn. The good life of Britney Spears
  9. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee....... Minnie Mouseney Is Flying.

    Cuuuuuuute! Whoever took those photos is awesome. Brit's happiness just shines!
  10. A Word About My Country

    That's cool how u have water running through it like that It's like images you see of Venice with those gondola rides and stuff And I love the old architecture of your buildings. You don't see as much of that in the U.S.
  11. Would You Want...?

    Maybe in ten years or sth
  12. Choose A Theme And Share Your Vision!

    I picked dance pop. If you can't to a Britney album, it's a no go for me.
  13. Just One More Single..

    BOMT - Soda Pop or I will be there Oops - Can't Make You Love Me (Where are you now would've been a great vocal showcase ) Britney - Lonely (WILTBM may be a bumpin choice for GP tho) ITZ - I Got That (Boom Boom) Blackout - Toy Soldier Circus - Oooh it's hard Unusual You/Lace Leather FF - DDB (I've heard far worse things than pot full of vegetables on the radio ) BJ - ALIENNNNN (or TTB Public would prob jam to that)
  14. The Queens Royal Garments

    Classic crop top all the way She worked for those abs so flaunt them