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  1. Name one non-music thing u would like to see britney do

    Get into the whole fashion world. appear at Fashion weeks around the whole. Model for High fashion brands.
  2. American Life is amazing too!! listen to it, very personal. Shame she released it during a tumultuous time in America, that album deserved more
  3. Singapore 1998 performance (mastered to 1080p + NEW remastered audio [2017]!!!)

    thats my favorite performance of You Got it All.. so young! and beautiful
  4. radar

    Belarus Version
  5. radar

    The Belarus version of Femme Fatale.
  6. What do you think of "Liar"?

    I like it. Bit overrated. Top song from the lower half of Glory
  7. Femme Fatale Tour Question

    I think I remember the FFT only having a US leg from the start but it got steam and they decided to take it around the world. This first prop to get cut was the guitar 1/4 of the way into the US leg because it was expensive to travel around. and then the HATLM box because it was broken? Then got rid of the catwalk and b-stage maybe because of transporting issues. Logistic issues might have been the reason. I don't think the FFT had a big sponsor like circus tour and onyx tour
  8. what meatball restaurant in vegas is it??
  9. Performed Lonely in Drag

    you have the choreography down and it looked very very cool the lighting guy could be better following you with the light, during the second verse i didn't know you were dancing till they threw the spotlight on you. Keep practicing and performing and you'll be Britney 2.0 in no time
  10. I didn't know this existed till i seen it on twitter last week when Prince passed. Flop fan moment when i found out it leaked last year. I only have the full 7 minute remix. is the leaked one the quentin harris or junior vasquez mix??
  11. So, I'm Over At The Janet Jackson Forum...asking..

    I'm sorry boo
  12. So, I'm Over At The Janet Jackson Forum...asking..

    exactly, can't imagine people who've booked trips. did you get cancelled on?
  13. So, I'm Over At The Janet Jackson Forum...asking..

    divorce probably, i can't think or want it to be anything heath related.
  14. So, I'm Over At The Janet Jackson Forum...asking..

    This era has been handled badly, makes me feel better standing for Britney the way she handles her eras. Maybe its health related, she can't be saying she's excited with those mini videos and then just up and cancel it. Cant be ticket sales. If i was J i'd be booking stadiums and slaying i don't gotta worry if i sell it out or not, Wissam can fund it all for me
  15. So, I'm Over At The Janet Jackson Forum...asking..

    i was screaming when i seen the news this morning! why Janet why. she's letting unbreakable die so quick i saw her in San Francisco in October because my husband is a big stan and she slayed, well for me at least, he wasn't very impressed tho.