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Leonardo M.

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  1. The Big MMO Leaks Discussion Topic

    love it
  2. Oidia Tour & Onyx Hotel Pro Shots

    The same guy who leaked some stems, lucky shoot, candies shoot, V Magazine shoot and one video from BOMT Tour... Just posted it on YT today...
  3. Maybe she won't go to SB but I'm totally here for Olympics!
  4. Latinos Manos!

    representa tu tierra Yeah Latinos manos en el aire Demuestren en el baile lo que saben hacer Empezo el party, cáele Menea la cintura no lo dejes caer (Porque ha empezado la) rumba (Mi cuerpo pide) rumba (Hasta que salga el sol Hasta que salga el sol) Rumba Mi cuerpo pide rumba Hasta que salga el sol Hasta que salga el sol The Queen Of Latino America Is Back! Shakira Who? Deal Plus: Take This Promo
  5. Happy Birthday Leonardo M.!

  6. He sampled outta this world! Slay blackout impact after 8 years
  7. Vma 2015 Promo Commercial

    I posted on celeb... you know
  8. Vma 2015 Promo Commercial

    Its Fan Edition but looking at it, it seems that maybe there is still hope for this year! A lot of people dislike miley... but, we have to wait and see!
  9. Another Sb Evidence!

    Yes, they made a rock version for I kissed a girl
  10. Another Sb Evidence!

    He also designed S&S Remix Outfit
  11. Another Sb Evidence!

    Roar, dark horse, california gurls/I kissed a girl, firework... thats all I remember
  12. Another Sb Evidence!

    So epic