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  1. New Britney Song Leaked...... Kinda (Lmao)

    hahahahah that's soooo coooool!!!! that's what i call urbaney baby!
  2. If You Can Have Only 1 Unleaked Song...

    I would like to have "Like I'm Falling" or "Asking For Trouble" both song has to be just
  3. My idea for album 9

    i didn't expect that , maybe soon earlier this christmas
  4. My idea for album 9

    is the new radar
  5. My idea for album 9

    yeah just wait another recopilation disk
  6. My idea for album 9

    it's time baby, you know or gaga will steal that idea
  7. My idea for album 9

    i like "i broke jason's heart" and we can make the video with scenes of the weeding with lucado and then realese a remix, "i broke jason heart"(david's too) [ft iggy]
  8. My idea for album 9

    or we can use a robotic sound, to manipulate voices, and said that was him, the diference is minimal
  9. My idea for album 9

    let's get to work b**ch
  10. My idea for album 9

    if u vote me as manager of britney i'll make 6 singles of this great album, and shit.i.am would be exiled of every part of the world and we will save britney hahah just joke, larry has to dissapear as well shit.i.am
  11. My idea for album 9

    you're right i like that
  12. My idea for album 9

    hahahah and a summer hit could be "wig"
  13. My idea for album 9

    at least we make a better promo job than b-team
  14. My idea for album 9

    i'm calling rigth now!!!!