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  1. main page 3 Years of ''I Wanna Go'' + Fun Facts

    I can't for the life of me understand why they took out the epic breakdown.
  2. Deleted scene of I WANNA GO

    It probably wasn't since she agreed to record it to begin with. Maybe she just felt like she looked awkward during the playback. IUSA is such an underrated sexy music video.
  3. Deleted scene of I WANNA GO

    I want the orgy scene in WB or whatever it was. Not even gonna lie.
  4. 1.4 2.4, 2.5 3.4 4.4 Goodluck everyone! You're all winners in my eyes
  5. Deleted scene of I WANNA GO

    She was so fierce during that time. It was like nobody could tell her what to do. Not even the director of the MV lol. Maybe since she started going back to church she feels convicted?
  6. This picture...

    She looks really pretty honestly. She has minimal makeup, her signature Louisiana bun, and horrible clothes on and she's still WORKIN it, bitch.
  7. Deleted scene of I WANNA GO

    She's a mom now.
  8. Exfail's comments on yesterday's candids:

    glad I left too
  9. Exfail's comments on yesterday's candids:

    EUW those imbeciles!
  10. Deleted scene of I WANNA GO

    Maybe she thought it was too sexual?
  11. TY!! I like the rock elements/vibe of the first one. I think that was the original direction of the album.
  12. So Im watching Chaotic..

    Never noticed that. I lost my DVD of Chaoitc