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timbits last won the day on October 24 2014

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    RockOutWithYourCock is mah bro <3
  • Birthday 11/10/1992

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    My Galaxy Besties! RockOutWithYourCock, Valet Girls, Ashley Benson, Megan, GimmeOnxy, Loco, POMney, Far Beyond, Rubi, Femme_Monster, Joshlee, Godney Priest, Mr Womanizer, ItsNathanbitch, 1989, Ashley, Penny, Ben
  1. Happy Birthday timbits!

  2. Which Member Is Like Britneys Albums

    your in the ''Blackout Circus In The Zone Slayage'' and slay a lot dahling
  3. The Official One Direction Thread

    @Mr.Womanizer hello?
  4. main page Britney Posted 2 New Pictures

    I knoooooowwww omg she is so beautiful omg and hi!!!!!! when are you going to talk to me in PM????
  5. Which Member Is Like Britneys Albums

  6. Which Member Is Like Britneys Albums

    I don't feel myself to be sexy either, but I have to love myself no matter what! And well your sexy tbh but I guess it's just what I see.
  7. Which Member Is Like Britneys Albums

    I guess you really are circus well I think you're ITZ mixed with Blackout and Circus give it a bang and a pop and a slayage and you got a flawlesss mix of all 3 slayage albums
  8. Which Member Is Like Britneys Albums

    Hun you're not a flop you're totally cool and faded with ambrosia no just kidding. Really you're are sweet and so kind sooo nice and sexy your not a flop period
  9. Britney Fan Of The Week (Pomney)

    Congrats bb! Fuck ya you deserve it So excited for you
  10. Nvm it's already been posted
  11. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152838626163234 Hopefully this hasn't already been posted.
  12. Take Jordy off and will talk lmaoo jk I loved it bb Have you talk to Valet about it? I'm more then sure he will help you just a thought
  13. Brinty Joan: Halloween Episode

    Omg I laugh when she burned the letter and tree I will watch it another time. Thanks for the Video