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  1. main page 3 Years of ''I Wanna Go'' + Fun Facts

    One of my fave Britney songs
  2. Fun Facts

    Hmmm can we have some receipts up in here? Some of these sound fake as fuck.
  3. Doesn't even look like the same person tbh

    Well she was pregnant in the second one. I know heaps of women who look different during pregnancy (especially if its a boy). Oh and also time.
  4. question for Britney fans since 1998/1999

    Don't hate me guys, but I was originally more of a Christina stan, although I liked Britney's music too. It wasn't until Oops I Did It Again that I became the Britney stan that you see today. That song was everything to me & so was the album, lol. And I wasn't that into Mandy Moore & Jessica Simpson because I found them boring, they were clearly copy cats.
  5. In Up N Down

    Hahaha it's definitely 'Rush'