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  1. Lbr she will be lip syncing to a prerecorded cd
  2. Live stream?

    These bitches lied. They just wanted some listeners to their awful radio.
  3. So KOB-FM lied?

  4. where is it?

    This is bullshit tbh
  5. So KOB-FM lied?

    My ears are in pain listening to this shit.
  6. So KOB-FM lied?

    I agree. I'm pissed too
  7. Live stream?

    Wtf? Where is it?
  8. Omg The Controversy Has Already Started!

    Free promo! but seriously, this shit wasn't her fault.
  9. Live stream?

  10. Live stream?

    Anyone have the live stream link? Thx.
  11. Live stream?

    Anyone have the live stream link? Thx.
  12. I just don't like the fact that she doesn't sing Perfume or Lucky live. I would be so happy if she would atleast record an instagram video of her singing something. But overall, live singing or not, I'm perfectly fine because I'm used to her not singing live. She's great either way.