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  1. Dia De Los Muertos

    Y aparte que ese dia es cuando vienen a visitarnos nuestros familiares que murieron y por eso es el altar cada cosa tiene su significado como elagua que es por que tienen sed la cal las velas etc.
  2. main page Simon Ellis Tweet

    omg !!!! Witch one show it was please tell me
  3. *princess sorry I don't finish my comment
  4. And who is this bitch ??? It doesn't matter what she thinks britney spears is fabulous and amazing if you look the recent past shows britney show her bitch personality britney is angry and saying hey I am still the
  5. Official Britney's Short Hair Thread

    Guys i'm married, now i 'm Mister Spears jaja Britney is perfection and i remember this lucky era omg i m in love
  6. The New Piece Of Me Ad Was Removed

    Somebody re upload again
  7. Letter to Britney

    I think britney don't care abou the webbsite and jordan could go and fuck off, i think you can write about all the trouble we have and always been with her and everh momebt she will be in a stage always remember on all the people behind her if she do it bad or good but always has the support and make whit conffidence ;D
  8. i never noticed! (headsup: justney related)

    Omg its true!!!!
  9. main page Britney at the Gym w/ her Mother

    Her nipney and her boobies are delicious,hot mamma. if i want a girlfriend like brit i better work bitch
  10. I don't know but these days i see britney like free smiling smoking making instagram videos like chaotic i see the old britney soul back