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Bono09 Productions

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  1. Britney Spears - Love Me Harder ( Teaser ) C O M I N G S O O N

    Oh yeah, that would be weird if Britney had Ari's voice omgg hahahahaahaha Thank you! I'm almost finished )
  2. Britney Spears - Love Me Harder ( Teaser ) C O M I N G S O O N

    Dear fellow britards, The video above is a "Britney fanmade" video. A fanmade video is a motion picture created by fans to show their affection to the artist they like and as well as to share their skills in video editing. In my case, A Britney fanmade video is a compilation of different Britney clips combined together in synchronized sequences to narrate a story. There are different techniques in fanmade video making and one of those is "Lipsynch". The lipsynch technique aims to make Britney look like she is actually singing a certain song. Hopefully, you'll get my point when I upload the full video.
  3. COMING SOON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVdCefSOx78
  4. Hey guys, so yeah it's been a while. I don't know if anyone still remembers me. I'm Bono and I make Britney fanmade music videos/trailers. I've been inactive in the Britney world because college is such a bitch but this year hopefully, I may have some time in my hands again so maybe I can start working on videos again. This is the last trailer I've done last year and I hope y'all like it.
  5. and a live performance would prove all the rumors wrong Wishful thinking tho..
  6. Official Body Ache Requesting Thread. Universe Edition**

    Hybrid, why am I still banned on exhale?
  7. Male Impersonator Nailed Britney's Voice and other Celebrities!

    He was so close in terms of huskiness and strength of Britney's voice, he's so so great omgg
  8. This is just epic! is britney impersonator may not be perfect, but it's great!! The highlights of his impersonations imo were the Shakira, Gwen, Xtina, Cher parts
  9. Calling All Talented graphic designers! :)

  10. Why would you include such personal and involving songs in an album you will never "promote"? Those songs deserve to be promoted and be known to the audience. I'm not being negative/trolling.etc. What I'm trying to say is, why not include some of those 30 unreleased songs to Britney's NEXT album where she can somehow promote it? Y'all feel me? Please discuss
  11. Calling All Talented graphic designers! :)

  12. There will be a Britney clone in the next batch of popstars

    Yes, there will be a new Britney. And he's the gay version of Britney. It's me. I've contacted Larry Rudolph and Adam. I've also recruited myself to the Illuminati and I signed a 15 years career contract filled with controversy and sex. I'm coming soon. Just kidding, I don't think there will be another Britney.
  13. Calling All Talented graphic designers! :)

    :crying1: :crying1:
  14. Calling All Talented graphic designers! :)

    I love you
  15. Choose my next video ;)