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  1. i want either glory rerelease or b10 this year

    Well, thinking about Britney, if she decides to put B10 out soon, thats a possible option. But I dont think we are going to get another single. Slumber Party hasnt hit the top 20 yet, and I doubt it will. If SP was a #1 I would say that a third single would have been the best option then, Glory would be more known by the GP thanks to that, what Make Me didn't do. I'm here for a B10, if she wants to tour, the time is now and being realistic, looking back to the dark BJ times, I don't think there's a chance for a "Glorious Tour", there hasn't been any promo at all to make GP realise she is promoting her new album ( I don't if I'm expressing myself well, sorry). What I try to say is that, it would be perfect to end her Piece of Me residency, and one mont after do a surprise release of her new album or something different, like uploading her first single and 5 hours later the album and the dates for her world tour. A visual album would be nice, but with different directors so we could get some new amazing photoshots and videos, just something different, I don't want her to follow any trends, but nowadays a visual can help every song from the album, which is positive if is well made, because if every song has a video, it will be more atractive to listen and watch
  2. Will Britney have new costumes?

    I want to believe she will have some new surprises. Back in the day, The Circus Tour producer said that he was hired to start working with Britney's team in January. Let's hope we have some new changes, or even a new world Tour.
  3. http://britneymore.tumblr.com/
  4. I made some edits, hope you like it http://britneymore.tumblr.com/
  5. what happened to this site universe?

    this is boring as f, sorry guys, I'm so online here but at the end of the day there's more activity there
  6. here's my edit, I will post more here: http://britneymore.tumblr.com/ hope you like it
  7. Jingle Ball costume appreciation thread

    I hate this outfit, it would have looked better with this type of pants or leggings. To me it doesn't make any sense.
  8. Interesting read... (+ she talks about B10)

  9. YAS right, thinking about how cheap her team is I thought they were realizing the fragrance as the video... I don't really get what you r saying, i find her so sexy, and both outfits made her look so sexy
  10. She should do a collaboration with..

    I would die for a hollaback girl meets gimme more
  11. Same. But it's hard for me to follow other artists music videos if is not britney.
  12. WHAT B.S. IS THIS??!!!

    I expected a better remix by the way, new bridge from Tinashe or something, but I'm feeling sexy performances coming and I'm here for that. Team B could have been more hands on with this but you know
  13. Would You Want Britney To Go Lana Del Rey?

    I'm here for this! TOTALLY! Something like Gimme More/Break The Ice/Slave meets Serial Killer/Black Beauty/Music to Watch Boys To would be incredible for me. Lana is so talented and a good writer, her style is so particular. I feel like her visuals have inspired Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, The Weeknd and many more. I could imagine Britney and Lana writing together and making big things. Also Lana knows how to do a big anthem.
  14. Best iHeart Radio pics

    my edits and also my fav (from http://britneymore.tumblr.com/)