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  1. Newly fashion icon Queena performing "Cruel World" @Prudential Center Newark, NJ 1/19/18 https://t.co/3A1E59nIEy… https://t.co/vx0eMj0fHQ

  2. The song she covered after Cherry https://t.co/uxfnu7AZpU

  3. @h_bryniarski @LanaDelRey bitch be blessed

  4. RT @AttitudeMag: Today marks an important day in gay history: It's been 19 years since @britneyspears released her iconic debut album ...Ba…

  5. RT @Lanapedia: Lana Del Rey shading G-Eazy is iconic 😂 https://t.co/4wAWgTaHFP

  6. @Sasskeh @girlposts https://t.co/Tryx7pt4MV

  7. RT @FeimM: IM CRYING https://t.co/dVkS573JeD

  8. RT @PHVegas: Check out our #2017Bestnine on #Instagram! 🙌😎 https://t.co/uVhPjUZLiX

  9. RT @ABCNetwork: Celebrate the New Year with a special performance from legendary @mariahcarey live from Times Square! Don't miss #RockinEve…

  10. @blingspice @ChristianAH2017 Those angry ass motherfuckers should be thrown to jail

  11. @circusworld21bz @britneyspears Gurl

  12. RT @thehoIyspearit: The woman in the pic is Laci Kay Somers! Please RT https://t.co/r8OZlc2bKO

  13. 2017 was the year of live vocals tbh https://t.co/ixrNVGzogI

  14. RT @CGGuy44: imagine losing because of your dick https://t.co/0cPgwED5OJ

  15. RT @Deezer: From global teenage phenomenon to Guiness Record holder and entrepreneur, happy birthday to the only & only @britneyspears! #Br…