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  1. Happy Birthday Brick!!

  2. games Post Your Favorite Britney Song!

    Hold It Against Me
  3. Beyonce Vs. Xtina

  4. Circus Vs. Femme Fatale Vs. Britney Jean

    Till the World Ends Hold it Against Me Perfume I Wanna Go Shattered Glass If U Seek Amy Unusual You Passenger Trouble for Me Don't Cry Brightest Morning Star Criminal Now that I Found You He About To Lose Me Selfish Amnesia Quicksand Circus: 5 Femme Fatale: 7 Britney Jean: 5
  5. Bomt Vs. Oidia Vs. Britney

    Baby One More TIme Overprotected Lonely (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Born To Make You Happy What U See (Is What U Get) Lucky Cinderella Let Me Be Can't Make You Love Me That's Where You Take Me What it's Like to Be Me BOMT: 2 Oops: 4 Britney: 6
  6. In The Zone Vs. Blackout

    Gimme more Piece of Me Radar Breathe on Me Heaven on Earth Get naked (I got a plan) Outrageous Touch of my Hand Hot as ice Shadow Perfect lover Everytime The answer Don't hang up In the Zone: 7 Blackout: 7
  7. ...Baby one more time Everytime Stronger You drive me (crazy) Lucky Hold it against me Circus Oops i did it again Overprotected Work bitch
  8. The single that never was

    I will be there Touch of my hand
  9. Favorite Christina Aguilera song?

    Dirrty Hurt Fighter You Lost Me Lift Me Up Your Body Not Myself Tonight Light up the Sky