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  1. Feb 6th B-Days!

    she killed it
  2. Feb 6th B-Days!

    Thanks guys! I went and saw Britney on the 5th! working on getting my videos on youtube!
  3. The Big MMO Leaks Discussion Topic

    Can someone pm me to please I need this.
  4. Happy Birthday toxicjs!

  5. whats ratethemusic? ive never heard of it before
  6. 7Th Leg: Full Videos Thread

    Yes! Thank you for this! I've been working on an edit with my footage from the 6th & 7th show (screencaps can be seen at http://toxicbs.blogspot.com/?m=0) but I've been so busy with work and trying to find full footage was so time consuming. This should definitely help speed the process up... Thanks again
  7. YES! I have this in 1080... I'm working on a edit as we speak... still browsing the web for some other HD clips.... I posted the screen caps from the 6th and I also went to the February 7th show which I also recorded... But she had a different hair do... do you think that matters for my edit?
  8. I went to both of these shows and got awesome footage, I will be posting snippets soon but in the mean time check out some low res screen caps from the Feb. 6th show! High res coming soon http://toxicbs.blogspot.com enjoy
  9. Britney: Piece Of Me Pt. 5 :)

    Yay I'm even more excited now and I donplan on recording as much of it as I can
  10. Britney: Piece Of Me Pt. 5 :)

    You can have him for a day... I'm all about sharing
  11. Britney: Piece Of Me Pt. 5 :)

    Sweet thanks bb will do 😘
  12. Britney: Piece Of Me Pt. 5 :)

    Thanks I plan too ðŸ˜
  13. My BF just surprised me and got us tickets to see Britney... again... for the 5th time! :excited: :excited: :excited: I'm going to be going to the February 6th show. Will be in section 103 row A seats 15&16 It will be my first time sitting in a seat at the Vegas show! From what I saw on the seating chart I will be dead center in the row... Has anyone sat there before or close by? Any pointers?! :britney-awyeah: :britney-awyeah: You can see the other times I've gone and seen Britney on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/jsleiman06 Thanks xoxo :xf6: :xf6: :xf6:
  14. Best M&g

    do you think they paid over a thousand per child to meet Britney?! damn that's some wealthy people & flawless parents!