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  1. @brandynburnette @SirBJ I love this song yes!!

  2. https://t.co/GeoWSSnjer @theweeknd @hernameisbanks

  3. https://t.co/GeoWSSnjer @hernameisbanks @theweeknd

  4. I have too many songs for this EP ffs 😥

  5. @lauvsongs HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!!

  6. @ithinkimcrashin THAT SNAPCHAT SONG OMG, what's the title??

  7. RT @ShawnMendes: . @ZakAbel is unreal! Please go watch every video and listen to every piece of music from this guy!

  8. @ithinkimcrashin Well what I want is Sincerely (Instrumentals) 👀

  9. @lauvsongs @jessesaintjohn @mpollackmusic still waiting for that 'runaway' song you teased on snapchat a year ago

  10. RT @MarinaDiamandis: ✦ A surprise coming for you tomorrow afternoon ✦ :·)

  11. RT @sin_apellidos: Esta canción es un temazo: Lady Gaga - Government Hooker (Dazedmadonna's Extended Remix) by Dazedmadonna https://t.co/rd…

  12. @L3AK_W1TN3SS Nah, thanks for the I+ tho

  13. RT @brandynburnette: Jon Bellion is the man. Humble & inspiring. This project was a huge reason why I produce myself now. Hope you enjoy! h…

  14. RT @MDNA_RU3: Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Dazedmadonna's Extended Remix) https://t.co/EWLMLgZiqc

  15. RT @ithinkimcrashin: @Dazedmadonna true! Ok im on it