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  1. If I Had To Guess Michelle Bell's 7 Track Demo Album..

    According to Wikipedia there is one more track with Michelle called "Disguise My Love" but since its Wikipedia you never know if it is true or not.
  2. Work Bitch x Skirt (Britney vs Kylie)

    Thanks and that Nicki gif is slaying me
  3. https://soundcloud.com/monochromemusic-1/work-bitch-vs-skirt The title of this thread says it all really! This is my mash-up of Work Bitch and Skirt.
  4. Before the Goodbye (Alternate Radio Mix)

    I agree. I love the atmosphere and the puzzles you get from the originals. The reboot series is interesting but it has lot a lot of the charm that made the old games what they are today.
  5. Before the Goodbye (Alternate Radio Mix)

    Of course. I'm playing through the old games again for fun.
  6. Before the Goodbye (Alternate Radio Mix)

    Thanks everyone for liking the edit. Thank you. It fitted perfect with the track and gave m the idea to make the edit. And downloads are available
  7. Before the Goodbye (Alternate Radio Mix)

    That's me being stupid for calling is the demo I will say though that the filtered clip totally works and I'm glad I used it But thank you for letting me know about it. I've updated everything to remove that reference
  8. Before the Goodbye (Alternate Radio Mix)

    Thank's everyone. I had fun tinkering with the track. Well ya gotta pay tribute to the legendary Ms. Croft
  9. https://soundcloud.com/monochromemusic-1/britney-spears-before-the-goodbye-alternate-radio-mix An extended mix to the bonus track "Before the Goodbye" from the 2001 Britney album. This version samples the intro from "When I Say So".
  10. Work B**ch Stems?

    Thank you
  11. Work B**ch Stems?

    Could someone re-upload the Work Bitch stems please? The mediafire link is dead.