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  1. That's what it means? Don't be gentle? I speak Spanish and I didn't know it meant that ?
  2. Lmao girl... if you only knew
  3. What if she's lowkey talking about the illuminati? ?
  4. Technically the song and rights belong to BOA since she recorded and release the song. The producers get royalties for it and Britney and boa met before. Britney was a guest for a special she did a while ago where she performed for BOA
  5. @MakeMySugarFall it kinda is and the medication she has, I started studying skincare and skin for about 5 years now and I corrected my skin with supplements and skincare and saw a major different when I stopped hanging around people who smoked or drank. For her its just the stress and her having to smoke to relieve her anxiety. She looks great, it's just at time she looks tired. I'm glad you understand my viewpoint tho
  6. @TheOriginalDollz thanks for taking the time to point your opinion. 1. did I say she was ugly? NO 2. Did you not realize how stress she was back then and with alcohol and partying she would do? when you mix those 2 together your face takes a change because your pores go through situations where it tries to adapt to the environment and over produces oil or stops. That's why for a while she looked tired. So please before you over react the way you did; take the time to ask someone why they have an opinion before you go out on them ok? Thanks enjoy the rest of your night
  7. Explains why she aged so quick..
  8. Wow.. she gets to have that body all night long. Bless her lol
  9. This was in 2007? Or 2006? I can't remember but I remember I saw this on E! News live when it came out hahahah
  10. Jamin to Hannah Montana ??
  11. @☆☆☆BoredJean☆☆☆ what does this all even mean again? Lol
  12. @TheOriginalDollz yassssssss girl yassssss I kinda want to do something like this for shits and giggles
  13. I kinda like parts of her version, although I would change the vocal aragements on some parts
  14. I actually like this outfit! The mask looked cool af until she had the fail moment lol it should of been a smaller mask tbh