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toy soldier.

B Army
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  1. Happy Birthday toy soldier.!

  2. If Britney comes to London we have to go!LOL
  3. oh cool I'm going to uni of westminster
  4. what uni are you going to? I'm moving there to study too
  5. How did you guys come up with your names?

    just 'cause I like the song
  6. Till It's Gone For Single #3/4

    OMG yes,TIG,DC and Alien derseve to be singles
  7. Is this one of the hottest gay couples ever?

    Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Besides Britney...

    Basically anyone who does pop music,especially Madonna,Christina and Lana
  9. Britney's Best Non-Single?

    Probably Mannequin or And then We kiss or Unusual You...I really like when she goes indie tbh