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  1. don't feed the troll
  2. I missed ya already
  3. Throwing the official POM DVD/Blu-ray into the audience. Oh, and Brit has to sing Just Luv Me LIVE.
  4. Sarcasm is my drug. Don't feed me.
  5. This member seeks for attention. Don't feed the troll. Oh and btw., thank you, andrewmelons, for sending me the 48 recording sessions by Britney.
  6. a once popular song didn't understand the hype back then
  7. He's an ass, and an ass will be always be an ass.
  8. Not important till we get the Vegas DVD (or never).
  9. The MV we got is shit compared to this snippet.
  10. That's so sexy...
  11. I see. Didn't know that in other countries, it's not good to play songs with curse words. They play the explicit versions here up and down in every shop.
  12. I can try if you want. Is it so bad to hear that word where you work? Why?
  13. No, it was not worth that. MM sounds like any other pop song these days, like a chill house pop song (what I don't like).
  14. All those games are shitty. The makers just want the $$$.