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  1. main page June 21 - New Candids

    OMG!! She looks so fresh and so young!! I LOVE HER
  2. I know!! Mine too with you're mine (eternal) and faded
  3. First Britney song you listened to today

    What: BTMYH Where: still in bed Why: because it's my ringtone
  4. What's your favorite song from the Femme Fatale album?

    INSIDE OUT of course!
  5. -I run away -Baby Boy -Out From Under -Inside Out (i thik the lyrics are really sad) -Lucky and of course Everytime
  6. -I Got a Plan-

  7. June 8th in Britney's life :)

    I love this thread!! Thanks!!
  8. Si igual he visto algunos "flawless members" por aca... Asi q es cuestion de tiempo...
  9. I know... But I can't find he/her!! I hope he/she comes here too!!
  10. Cause i'm in finals... And it's my last year at college... So I really don't have any time!! And he/her threads were simply amazing
  11. This is Who You Stan For

    This is air to me in this horrible night!! She's so beautiful
  12. Aja hablamos el otro dia!! Yo se q es medio tonto pero es que si da coraje!! Ese enano imbecil con su asqueroso novio... De verdad nos vieron la cara... Pero what goes around... Comes around Esa payasada no le va a durar mucho