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  1. All Youtube Videos From The 8Th Leg

    Probably the best POM leg so far imo
  2. Britney Shading The Freakshow Guy Last Night (Video)

    Queen of sass!
  3. This is the first time we've seen a camera crew filming at the end of the runway tho. So since they're using more cameras it would make sense that this is for a bigger project than just TV promos
  4. You can clearly see a camera crew and some people confirmed that there were big over-head cameras present as well! Think its for the official DVD?
  5. Do U Think Pg Will Hit No1 On Itunes?

    @@David yeah IA the promo plan is amazing and it will def keep Pretty Girls and Brit in the headlines for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it willy translate to sales tho...Anyways if it does end up becoming a summer anthem it will basically be selling for the next 3 months so a rather slow start isnt so bad
  6. New Announcement Soon...

    Im thinking more promo performances or interviews (Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel and GMA probably for the performance)...
  7. It's been almost 11 hrs since it was released in the US and it's in the top3 so far! Will it be hitting no1 like HIAM or stay at no3/no2 like Work Bitch?
  8. What Happened In 2010?

    Probably a change in her medication. It takes a while to get it right, she was fine from 2008 till 2010, then kinda messed up until mid-2011 but she's been great ever since late 2012 so idk
  9. omg thats Greek! Lemme go to my local lidl and get some Britney merch
  10. main page New #pieceofme Dates Added!

    finally some summer dates
  11. Can Someone Gif This?

    Brit is giving pure SEX FACE and I need it in gif form plz
  12. Britney Brought Her Bff On Stage Back In August

    oh well. Guess im reminding you guys then