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  1. July 28Th In Britney's Life :)

  2. Queen Lana

  3. I got ''Work Bitch'' too lol
  4. Brooke Hogan shades? tweets about Britney

    She's a stan she's admitted to being a huge Britney fan.
  5. Most Iconic Outfit: Lucky

    I feel like some of you guys are confusing iconic with favorite. From the comments it looks like some of you are voting for your fave look instead of which look is the most iconic one...
  6. Most Iconic Outfit: Lucky

    White dress
  7. SAVE: Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
  8. i hope so ;[ womanizer truly was her last smash hit
  9. TInashe shouts out Britney!!!

    she sounded so hesitant mentioning Britney lol. It's kinda become a stigma to descrive Brit as a good performer. The girl was sweet though, love her song!
  10. I miss the old Britney

    She upgraded to wearing a bra with ''Crush''