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  1. Thread of unappreciated things

    Kill the Lights! Flawless song!
  2. My Britney M&G Expierence

    I thought about it, but even if I had the money I don't think I could do it! I'd probably freak out and not be able to say anything to her! Then I would be mad at myself. haha You go girl! Awesome picture!
  3. AHHH!! I never noticed the skull with the horns! I like this video too. With the story line of the music video (rise and fall, fighting with herself) it gives it a bit of a personal touch from Britney. After the fall too Britney has a new look and the video has a new vibe... just not sure what kind of vibe is supposed to be giving off.
  4. Tik Tik Boom's beat is AWESOME tbh

    This song is def my fave off of BJ.
  5. June 23rd in Britney's life :)

    2009! At the time I didn't realize how tiny she was that year!
  6. Seeing older and adult people on there I think

    I'm 31! I've been a fan since BOMT. Every time one of my friends run across something Britney related they post it on my FB. I'm like, "oh that's cool!", but really I've already heard the news days before. haha
  7. Legit crying right now

    I'm so jealous !!!
  8. main page 3 Years of ''I Wanna Go'' + Fun Facts

    I love this song! My fave part of the video is the car scene. She's so pretty!
  9. I used to browse on exhale but never really posted much. People were so mean and catty there! This place seems a lot different... I like it so far!