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  1. Britney Due To Perform In Tel Aviv? #BritneyLiveInConcert

    i saw a screencap that she's gonna perform in the Philippines as well
  2. she kinda made me cry. Hope Britney notices this even if it is kinda impossible "Britney is no longer relevant, and has no fans outside Vegas" they said.. explain this
  3. Rise #1

    I'm so pressed rn. Still no banner
  4. It's Smashing!! #1 on U.S iTunes!!!

    Do it now because Rise is getting really close
  5. ITunes Update: Buy. Make Me 1.0000 - Rise 0.9437

    Cant believe still no banner!!!
  6. i just retweeted britney's hidden make me ooh tweet

    Ik britney's trolling us hahahaha
  7. IT'S HERE!!!

    Guys that tweet is still there it's hidden!
  8. Omg The Controversy Has Already Started!

    It's not her fault that fucking tragedy happened. Idiots ugh
  9. Guys i'm lost. How many hours left????
  10. May i know when do songs normally be released on iTunes??? Is it friday?
  11. So... No Acceptance Speech? Nothing?

    no guys i think she has left. she took pics with her award and she said bye bye. fuck this i was hoping that it would be a redemption of the VMAS but it's even worse! we got a spectacular performance yes, but as receiving the big award-wise, it's the worst ever
  12. That's it? She received the award backstage? wtf
  13. Any streaming links?

    its nothing now. is it because the show hasnt started or just me?
  14. Get that promo Britney! This cat has 206k followers